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Blues and Rhythm UK - Christmas Issue 2021
Review by Mike Stephenson

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Blues & Rhythm UK
Cat Rhodes Blues & Rhythm

That’s What’s Happening's Blues and Arts Hour

Cat Rhodes and the Truth – Blues Sitting on My Doorstep

A lot of energy, incredible musical talent, and “You gotta hear it” blues! It’s all there on Blues Sitting on My Doorstep! The creativity of Bryan Morris and Cat Rhodes is impressive! Cat is like a vocal gymnast! Amazing! And you can’t help but tapping your foot or bobbing your head along with the precise synchronization of bass and drums. . . . you can FEEL it! Plus, the production and mix is 2nd to none! Highly recommended.

- Jim Thorn – WYAB 103.9 FM, Jackson, MS - “That’s What’s Happening's Blues and Arts Hour”



Mississippi Delta Blues

Absolutely classic blues with stunning vocals from Cat Rhodes and her excellent band featuring Donnie Colin on guitars, Shelley Keeton on bass and the whole thing produced by Bryan Morris. Cat’s vocals are sassy and mannered while the band, plus guests, lay down a heavy Blues with influences from all over. The outfit was put together by Producer/songwriter/Drummer Bryan Morris and his many years of experience with the likes of Maynard Ferguson, Bobby Humphries, the list is as long as my arm, has given him plenty of learning as a musician, band leader and producer. All the tracks here were written by Cat Rhodes except for Koko Taylor’s Voodoo Woman and Only Be Me, which was a combination of Cat Rhodes, Shelley Keeton & Bryan Morris.  Their music is a deep and funky Mississippi Delta electric blues and in track after track I found myself getting some serious ass action. The package comprises a perfect meld between Cat Rhodes and the band and there is no way you could see separating them without lessening the impact of the whole. Personal favourites are I Got it a city-funk piece and Funky Blues Shack, heavy funk with more than a touch of Ike & Tina about it. An album that is real fun to listen to and one that is difficult not to dance to.


Knee Deep In The Blues

KNEE DEEP IN THE BLUES CD REVIEW  by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © March 2016


The Truth featuring Cat Rhodes "Knee Deep In The Blues"

Remember Denise LaSalle's attitude as she belted out lines like "your husband's cheating on us" and "you can have my husband but don't mess with my man"?  Remember the fierce energy Tina Turner generated as she wailed "rollin', rollin'....rollin' on the river" during her wild renditions of "Proud Mary"?   How about those famous growls you'd hear on just about every Koko Taylor song?  Well if you can relate to all of those vocal characteristics, you now have a good idea of what you might expect to hear while listening to Cat Rhodes.”

MANAGEMENT & BOOKING | Carol & Ron Marble
Mississippi Delta Blues, Inc.



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Download PDF file - Cat Rhodes & The Truth (for your consideration)

Cat Rhodes and the Truth Blues
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